With the crop report now behind us, it will allow us to focus on where we need to go with our marketing. Even if we don’t believe in the numbers that might have been put out, these are the numbers the traders are going to use as a baseline going forward.
We have added a few new things for you at Poet Glenville to help make some of your decisions easier. Below I have listed a few of the new tools for you to use.


We have now issued our own APP. The information above will show you where you can download the APP. This is an excellent way to look up your contracts, tickets, grain prices, sign your contracts and we are working on adding settlements. If you have any questions or need help getting signed up, please feel free to give us a call.
Net Price Calculator:
This tool can help us look at different marketing tools and find the ones that best fit your operation. The nice part about this is we are able to project results for you without you having to enter into the contract. It shows projected results of contracts that you might not even think of entering.
We also continue to offer a wide variety of marketing programs including: HTA (with some at no fee), Premium Plus (adding extra value), Basis, Cash, Average Price and Market Manager contracts.
If you should have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting with us on our many different programs please feel free to give us a call or stop by.
The Poet-Glenville Grain team realizes the importance of success for the American Farmer. Without your Success we too will not have Success!!
Scott Ziegler                                                                         Lesa Clark
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